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Over the years, when mothers wanted to sterilize or disinfect, they had to use harmful chemicals that came with terrible warning labels or boil toys and pacifiers.

You now have a new option that is free of harmful chemicals and proven to kill germs, bacteria and viruses such as Corona, RSV, Strep, Flu and E.coli!

Nursery and Highchair Disinfectants
Cleans and sterilizes everywhere, especially high chairs and dining tables. Great for pacifiers, bottles and sippy cups - all without rinsing. Spray to sterilize and wipe later if you prefer. CleanSmart spray products are safe in terms of contact with food surfaces.

Toy Disinfectants
Make every game day easier! You just need to spray it to kill any germs that could make your children sick. Great for daily disinfection. Perfect for teething toys!

No More Worries for Parents
CleanSmart products are even approved for use in hospital neonatal units around the most delicate babies. We use only Hypochlorous (the same germ-fighting agent naturally produced in all babies' bodies) to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. No harmful chemicals, no preservatives. Most importantly, CleanSmart returns to simple salt water after disinfecting it and leaves no chemical residue.

Can I trust these claims?

Disinfectant products are regulated by strict regulations, and CleanSmart's germ-killing claims have been tested by external laboratories and registered with the EPA. The CleanSmart EPA number is 89896-2.

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